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In my writing, potential, above all others, is the quality I strive to encapsulate. As an art form, theatre is more collaborative than any other and in writing a play, my goal is to create a piece with the potential to inspire collaborators, resonate with audiences, and tell a story worth being told.


I am driven by the idea that for every experience, there are countless perspectives. As a Latino artist living and working in a world where being a minority can easily limit and classify; I take pride in being able to craft stories that explore alternate interpretations of familiar narratives. It’s my goal to mine the recognizable for all of the potential therein; to show people a new way of thinking about something they take for granted. 


Spanning from poetic and verse based to contemporary and colloquial work, I write plays that explore themes of loneliness, loss, and frustration (usually with a sense of humor). I’ve written adaptations of Greek myths, dark comedies, ghost plays, thrillers, and romances; never letting genre intimidate. Inspired by the likes of Charles Mee, Federico Garcia Lorca, Martin McDonagh, Euripides, Peter Shaffer, Connor McPhereson, and William Shakespeare; I aim to write with a voice all my own.

To read excerpts of any of my plays, please feel free to email me at josenateras@gmail.com.


Other Writing

Having studied Film Theory and Media Criticism; I have written Film & Television Reviews, and Interviews for a number of websites including El Huateque (Formerly Chipster Life) and Rock N' Roll Ghost, as well as Book Reviews for Windy City Reviews.

Previously a staff writer for F Newsmagazine, I am currently a contributor for The A.V. Club, their 'Podmass' feature in particular. 


Aside from plays/screenplays and criticism, I also explore prose/verse, poetry, short fiction, essay, and novel writing. My first novel, Testament, is set to be published by Ninestar Press, scheduled for release at the end of 2019.


I officially graduated in  May of 2018 with my MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC).



Jose Nateras for The A.V. Club

Jose Nateras for F Newsmagazine

Jose Nateras for El Huateque


Jose Nateras for Windy City Reviews


Jose Nateras for Rock N' Roll Ghost

Writing Resumés

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