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Artist StatemenT:


"In my writing, potential, above all others, is the quality I strive to encapsulate. As an art form, theatre is more collaborative than any other and in writing a play, my goal is to create a piece with the potential to inspire collaborators, resonate with audiences, and tell a story worth being told.


I am driven by the idea that for every experience, there are countless perspectives. As a Latino artist living and working in a world where being a minority can easily limit and classify; I take pride in being able to craft stories that explore alternate interpretations of familiar narratives. It’s my goal to mine the recognizable for all of the potential therein; to show people a new way of thinking about something they take for granted. 


Spanning from poetic and verse based to contemporary and colloquial work, I write plays that explore themes of loneliness, loss, and frustration (usually with a sense of humor). I’ve written adaptations of Greek myths, dark comedies, ghost plays, thrillers, and romances; never letting genre intimidate. Inspired by the likes of Charles Mee, Federico Garcia Lorca, Martin McDonagh, Euripides, Peter Shaffer, Connor McPhereson, and William Shakespeare; I aim to write with a voice all my own."


Jose has had his plays produced in and around Chicago and has taught playwriting as a guest artist for Pegasus Theatre's 'Young Playwrights Festival' program with Chicago Public Schools.


To read some of his work, check out Jose's profile on the New Play Exchange.

If you're interested in his full playwriting resume, feel free to contact Jose here.


Other Writing

Having studied film theory and media criticism; Jose has written film & television reviews and interviews for a number of websites including El Huateque   (formerly Chipster Life) and Rock N' Roll Ghost, as well as Book Reviews for Windy City Reviews.

Previously a staff writer for SAIC's F Newsmagazine, Jose has served as a contributor for The A.V. Club (their 'Podmass' feature in particular), as well as for The Gamer,, and, among others. 


Jose is also an established screenwriter and, as a part of his artistic practice as a writer in general, he also explores prose/verse, poetry, short fiction, 'Live Lit', and essay writing/creative non-fiction.


His first novel, Testament, was published by Ninestar Press in December 2019/January 2020.


In May of 2018 Jose received his MFA in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), adding to his BA in Theatre from Loyola University Chicago, where he also studied International Film & Media Studies and Communications.

As an educator Jose has been the instructor of record for an undergrad comp. lit/media studies course called "Buffy + Literary Traditions"  for which he created the syllabus. He's also been an Adjunct English Professor at such institutions as Truman College, and has worked as a teaching artist in various residencies.

To read any of his writing, check out Jose's portfolio here. 

Contact Jose here to request a particular Resumé focused on a specific type of writing, or one focused on his experience teaching, directing, acting, or a comprehensive C.V.

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