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Bibliophile: A New Musical

Book & Lyrics by Jose Nateras

Music & Additional Lyrics by Michelle J. Rodriguez

Most easily described as a mix of "Heather's" and "High Fidelity" (both the movies and the musicals that they inspired), as well as "Misery" and "Fatal Attraction";  this Chicago-set musical is a fun genre mashup of crime thrillers and contemporary stage musicals.

"Bibliophile" is the story of Andres, a directionless book lover, genre fan, and struggling novelist. Working in his Aunt's bookshop, Between the Covers, Andres finds himself caught off guard when, after being left, dumped and broken hearted, he gets the opportunity to meet his favorite author: horror novelist Ted Deacon. Things take a turn for the strange when Deacon's wife shows up with a deadly vendetta, revealing the fact that things are rarely what they seem, and are generally more complicated than we'd like to believe. 

Centering around a Latinx family in a gentrifying urban neighborhood, with strong female characters and queer people of color at the center of the narrative, "Bibliophile: A New Musical" manages to take the familiar and spin it into something new

Take a listen to the complete, developmental song list of "Bibliophile: A New Musical" and if you're interested in reading the script, feel free to email here or visit Jose's New Play Exchange profile. 


These tracks were recorded during the public, staged reading of "Bibliophile" as a part of ALTA Chicago's: El Semillero's Public Reading Series at Victory Gardens  in May of 2017.


These tracks are not finished products, as the song and musical are still in the development process.  

Vocals: Michelle J. Rodriguez

Guitar: Casey Morris

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